Keeping The Creative Juices Flowing


Under Pressure

It could be my imagination but the quality of an espresso shot seems to be effected quite a bit by the weather. We've had very hot days this week and the shots have been pouring fast. The two coffees of the week are Match Stick's Catalogue No. 31 for Renata's caffeinated palette and Phil & Sebastian's Timana/Columbia for my decaf.



Consistently Reputable

Phil & Sebastian is a local Calgary roaster with a reputation of high standards and quality coffee, I have found their coffee to be consist and reliable. I'm grinding the coffee at the finest setting possible on our Compak E5 and the decaf's extraction is pretty good. 19 grams in, 40 grams out, in about 35 seconds. By my unrefined palette it tastes good. P&S's decaf always seems to be sweet, which I like, and this batch was true to form. With no bitterness or heavy after taste.


In and out just like that

Match Stick is a roaster from Vancouver, their location in Chinatown is pretty cool and their coffee has also been one of the more consistently good beans we use. We get their beans from a great little french styled bakery cafe in Calgary called Sucre. However this is the first batch that I've been worried about because it goes very fast through our Linea Mini. 20 grams in, 40 grams out, in 20 seconds or less — despite the coffee being ground as fine as we can get it. Nonetheless Renata is always surprising me by reporting that each espresso extracted still tastes great. Perhaps it just shows the good quality of the beans?