Carolyn Fisher

Best for Last Artist Profile

In Malcolm Gladwell's enlightening book The Tipping Point he talks about, as the subtitle suggests, how little things can make a big difference. It's a fascinating read in how social and cultural trends and the like get started. It's my pet theory that Carolyn was one of those trendsetters who started a mini movement in Calgary. Carolyn is one of the first illustrators I know of that seriously devoted herself to the art of the picture book. And whether they are aware of it or not, like a domino, many local artists have followed her example. The gap between wanting to do something such as illustrating and writing a picture book and actually believing you can do it is huge yawning chasm. But Carolyn made it seems easy, she just did it. Although it certainly doesn't hurt that she has seemingly boundless determination and energy!  (Which I am not using as a hyperbole but as a factual descriptor.)

In her piece included in the Best for Last exhibition Carolyn focuses on little things that are part of something much bigger – which are actually little things of something much bigger as well. From a distance her image is a graphic interpretation of something we are all familiar with, a leaf. But up close, in the details, her brushwork and drawing identifies stuff we might overlook or just not know or care to see. In this case the beauty and complexity of the intricate parts of the leaf at cellular level. 


See Carolyn's artwork and a collection of her picture books at the Principles Office during our regular gallery hours of 2-5 pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Principles Office is on the 2nd floor of cSPACE King Edward 1721 29th Ave SW, Rm 210 Calgary, Alberta  T2T 6T7