Maddi Matthews and Mary Haasdyk

Best for Last Artist Profiles

A challenge in hanging these two images was they were very small at around 4x6 inches in size approximately. So I was worried the stories they tell could get lost in a show with over 30 framed works. I figured putting them together with some empty space around the pictures would be the best bet. It worked and I am always pleased when visitors take the time to stop and lean in to get a closer look.

When a viewer gets a closer look at Maddi's image they are treated with some tasty bits of storytelling that draws you into the narrative. It's filled with sweet little details such as the pink rubber boots and flower printed gloves. I often think of an image as a scene from a movie where an artist has chosen to press pause at a specific moment in the action. It's interesting that Maddie chose the moment just before the girl is about to pick those tasty raspberries and that the character has the foresight to protect herself from the thorny plant.


There is a lot happening in Mary Haasdyk's vividly coloured and drawn illustration. In one way the storytelling is fairly straightforward by detailing a group of people shopping with grocery carts. But the lovely floral patterned background alters the reality of the space the figures occupy and creates a narrative that encourages me to think beyond what I see at first glance. Getting the viewer to take a moment to consider what the artist is telling us is something that seems to be rarer and rarer in our visual conversations with todays quick scrolling lifestyle.


See Mary and Maddi's artwork at the Principles Office during our regular gallery hours of 2-5 pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

Principles Office is on the 2nd floor of cSPACE King Edward 1721 29th Ave SW, Rm 210 Calgary, Alberta  T2T 6T7