Justin Scott and Joanne Leung

Best for Last artist profiles

When creating an image I don't always consider the sentimental emotions that it can trigger in the viewer. But thinking on the art that Justin contributed to the show I am reminded that maybe I should. My viewing of Justin's finely drawn black and white images are coloured by my own experiences in traveling. His drawing of Big Ben (not shown) reminds me of visiting London and thus creates an entire narrative beyond the direct control of the author. In the image below, because I have never visited here, the picture creates a longing for travel and new experiences.


You can be guaranteed any image that Joanne contributes to an exhibition is going to be fun. You can expect quirky characters up to unexpected activities and background elements that add to the story with humour, surprise, or just plain cuteness. And this image is no different, despite being plenty different. 

Mike Kerr