Coffee and the Cups that hold it


Like a child anticipating Christmas or a Birthday I wake up every morning stumbling bleary eyed out of bed looking forward to that extra special first cup of coffee. And just like any gift, presentation matters. If it’s going to be an exquisite cup of coffee, the cup ought to be exquisite too. To that end we have a matched pair of espresso cups handmade by ceramicist Katriona Drijber and I am convinced that they make our morning cup of coffee taste that much better.


 Our first espresso of each day must be sipped from their delicate handmade embrace and usually we wash ‘em right up in eager expectation of a second – and likely a third. But it’s not like we don’t have other cups. We have an excellent set of Italian manufactured espresso cups which I like because their crisp design gives them a traditional timeless quality. Plus they can stack up neatly together for easy storage.

But there is something extra special about handmade crafts.


Each irregularity makes them uniquely one of a kind. Katriona has smartly created her works of art using a bleached white porcelain that gives them a minimalist traditional aesthetic. And through providence and design she’s made each cup it’s own little masterpiece. 

We haven’t attached individual ownership to the cups, I like to let serendipity choose which cup I will get to look at with each new cup of coffee. One cup has subtle sketched flower motifs centered around four clear stone windows imbedded into the cup face. The other has three stones with the motifs off-centered and more geometric. This consistent variation is carried through to the inside of the cups which are each stained with their own individual shade of blue.


Obviously there is no quantifiable way of proving that these distinctive espresso cups enhance the coffee’s taste. It’s only a belief. But compared to a lot of beliefs out there nowadays I think a belief in the value of handmade crafts lovingly made by skilled crafts people is something worthwhile believing in!

Check out Katriona’s recent work on her instagram: