The First Year

It's been about a year since we settled into our studio at Calgary's new creative hub, cSPACE King Edward. We officially received our keys in January 2017, the building was still under construction, but so were our plans for the space so it took a few months to get things together.

It was an enriching experience to be able to plan and build out a few interior design elements. It actually led me to start to incorporate wood working into my art which I will post about in the future. The tall walls of our space inspired me to do a tape mural. Using photographers block out tape I explored some themes related to creativity and our studio. It's a safe medium to get a taste of doing a mural without the commitment, and creating tape-ography is super fun!

It took a bit of consideration just naming the studio, overall it's called RANDM collective but I wanted to give it a unique name specific to the building. Eventually I learned that in the 1950's our classroom was converted to the Principal's office, and it seemed the perfect name! The Principles Office has worked out to be a studio space for me to work, but we still have hopes to have a more collaborative experience. Happily we have had the chance to hold a few exhibitions and do some collaborative projects, which have all been rewarding experiences.

We started off with an exhibition of two books by Renata that were released at the same time as the opening of The Principles Office. Dormouse Dreams written by Karma Wilson is a beautifully dreamy example of Renata's unique visual storytelling. And Places To Be written by Mac Barnett was sweetly appropriate as we were settling into new 'Places to be Creative'.

Our next show was organized by designer/illustrator Lyndon Navalta. It was a group show titled Heat Wave and the theme was sexuality - which was an interesting contrast (or conflict) with the kids focused art we create. 

We ended 2017 with an exhibition titled Best For Last, which was an open call to local illustrators to show their favourite works of the year. 

The first show of 2018 was Bastard Tongue by designer/illustrator Michael Mateyko. He created a series of contemporary re-imaginings of Masters Paintings. The exhibition lead to many enjoyable conversations as people tried to identify the names of the original artists and the titles of the paintings. 

cSPACE King Edward is already starting to live up to it's mission as a Calgary art incubator with curated exhibits in it's hallways, creative talks in it's new auditorium and meeting spaces, and all the educational workshops etc that the artist and nonprofit tenants are programming. It's been inspiring to be a part of this creative community and interesting to meet all the people that have stopped by The Principles Office. I'll be showing more soon, in the meantime here is some signage I designed, although I wasn't brave enough to put them up myself!

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