Crafty Llama Cover

Well we are pretty excited about this book I must say! Crafty Llama is the first book that we have collaborated on and it's coming out this October 2018. The big challenge for the cover was drawing the knitted letters.


The title lettering was the last thing completed and Renata wasn't sure how she was going to do it. For most of a book the artist works with the editor and the art director and/or designer. But for covers there is often more people involved, for instance it is important that the sales department embrace the cover design because they are the ones that will be out promoting the book.

Colour is usually a big thing, and lots of it. So Renata worked hard to get rich colours that still worked with her more muted personal colour palette. Then just how to draw the knitting in the letters was a bit of a stumper. But Renata has drawn them so well she makes it look easy! At first glance they might look photographic but they are not, don't ask me how she did it, all I know is I certainly couldn't!

Mike Kerr