Putting the "M" in Randm

Mike Kerr illustrates, teaches, animates, sketches, collaborates, curates and sometimes writes. He has illustrated for 20 years and also taught illustration for nearly that long at the Alberta College of Art and Design.  He has recently written a book titled Crafty Llama which will be published by Bloomsbury in fall 2018 illustrated by his wife Renata Liwska. He has written a lot more stories and is currently looking for opportunities to tell them.

For more info email mike@randmcollective.com



RECENT WORK / Sometimes I'm in the mood to draw with cartoony line, and other times I feel like painting with more natural form and shape. But it's not made to order. Through personal exploration I try to develop my own unique style(s) of illustration – just using different mediums or methods depending on the mood of the project. My long term goal is to make illustration that isn't defined as one type, and how I communicate is defined by what I am communicating.


SKETCHBOOK / My creative world revolves around the sketchbook. It's a world where the rules don't have to apply and the imagination can truly run wild and free ... If I allow it! It can be undisciplined, unkept, and unruly. But it can also be an undeniably wonderful place to play and work.


BLOG / As an artist and educator I have an interest in the creative condition. Through a series of illustrated articles I'm exploring this artistic affliction and the corresponding symptoms and treatments. It's an opportunity to experiment with how to use my illustration in context and understand my creative self better.


INSTAGRAM / I'm undecided of the greater cultural and creative impact that social media is having on society. I do know it is changing the creative conversation, I'm just unsure if it's for good or bad? But I do have fun posting the latest stuff I've been experiencing and experimenting with in arts and crafts.